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10 August 2023

Your Herefordshire and The Apse

Looking for something to house readings, music, and events on site, Peter commissioned The Apse from the innovative team at Deepdean Design. The Apse is a hand-crafted timber structure that is built from larch, sweet chestnut and hazel, all of which were grown in Warmhill Woods, Deepdean, on the edge of the Forest of Dean, close to the Herefordshire-Gloucestershire border.

10 July 2023

Woodland Heritage

Warmhill and Hengrove woodland, approximately 100 acres situated on the edge of the Forest of Dean was bought by my uncle, John Newton, in 1967. He had been involved in the early days of the setting up of Fountain Forestry, and later lectured in Forestry at Aberdeen University, but this was to be his own private project.